Thursday, 26 March 2015

607 - The history of capital punishment in the USA

1. Watch the video 1 to 3 times.
2. Pick up dates and be ready to talk about the "evolution" of the capital punishment in the USA.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

501 - Creativity is GREAT Britain

Fashion is GREAT Britain...


You can also watch the video directly in YouTube:
(watch from 0'19 to 2'42 "I'm doing it myself")
Music is GREAT Britain...

You can also watch the video directly in YouTube:

Monday, 16 March 2015

501 - The British thing to do

Listen to this audio (well, actually, video) again and revise the notes we have taken in class about it.
Be ready to recap all the information you have understood orally.


If the video does not work, you can click on this link to watch it in YouTube:

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

507 - The Golden Gate Bridge Guardians

Watch the video twice and fill in your table!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

704 - Bridging Worlds: Closer or Further Away? (WEBQUEST)

To be done for: Friday 13 March

This is a webquest about the relationship between British Asians and Britain. Read / Watch / Listen to the given resources and write a recap (notes only) of the information following these questions.

1) General information: who? where? when? what about?

2) How has the Asian culture influenced the British culture?

3) In your opinion, has it brought the two communities closer or further away?

Warning! There are 3 different webquests. Do the one that is assigned to you.

Webquest 1: LEISURE > food, language and sports  3 articles + 2 videos
This webquest must be done by: Nathan, Claire, Guillaume (Havé), Charles-Edouard, Alexandre (Quintais), Arthur, Jayson

Article 1: "Asian food in the UK: How Indian cuisine has influenced the UK’s palate"

Video 1: "The Incredible Spice Men: Cyrus & Tony" (watch only from the beginning to 1'20)

Article 2: "Do you speak Hinglish?",102,HCB.html

Video 2: "Practicing the Queen's Hinglish"

Article 3: Polo (only read the "History")

Webquest 2: ARTS AND CULTURE > music, cinema and festivals  3 articles + 2 videos
This webquest must be done by: Anaëlle, Antoine, Franck, Selena, Louis, Alexandre (Parès-Breton), Eder, Pierre

Video 1: "Shaanti's Eastern Electronic Festival in Birmingham"

Article 1: "UK hopes to bridge gaps with Asian communities through Europe’s largest outdoor South East Asian Festival"

Video 2: "Diwali celebrations at London's Trafalgar Square"

Article 2: "Going for an English all over again: Goodness Gracious Me returns"
(this is the video referred to at the beginning of the article:

Article 3: "Top 10 British Asian Films"

Webquest 3: COMMUNITIES > Banglatown and Bradistan  2 articles + 2 videos
This webquest must be done by: Siméon, Manon, Bastien, Akila, Gabriel, Thomas, Guillaume (Vanneste)

Article 1: "The world in a city: Banglatown"

Article 2: "Oldham: a town still divided?"
Video 1: "Make Bradford British"

Video 2: "Queen Mary Historical Audio Walk of East London"