Monday, 8 February 2016

Video for Thursday 11th February 501-502 Mrs Mroz


Plastic surgery: from cosmetic to reparation

Here is the link of the audio for tomorrow

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

901 - Video "Eco Travel"

Homework for Tuesday 16 February

1) Watch this video and take notes. Use the grid below to make your introduction + learn the new vocabulary in blue related to the environment.
2) Be ready to report to the class.

Your Goal = speak for a minimum of 5mn (time yourselves at home when practising!)
                = introduction / ideas / conclusion / opinion / parallel with France or other countries, etc.

If the video does not work, you can watch it directly on YouTube at:  (watch until 3’55; the end is just a blooper).

Thème: Transport / The Environment

Video – Travel Tips: Eco-Travel

The Vagabrothers YouTube Channel

22 April 2014

Notes de vocabulaire
Autres mots contenus dans le script
eco-friendly = green = sustainable
wildlife conservation: préservation de la faune et de la flore
carbon footprint: empreinte carbone
greenhouse gas: gaz à effets de serre
to go green: devenir écolo
Earth Day
renewable energy
Masai tribe ( Serengeti National Park)
to buy local