Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Voting for the Best Invention! (503-504)

You have just come back from the Best Invention Competition. You have discovered 6 new and amazing inventions and you now need to vote.

Post a comment below (Comment as ANONYMOUS) with:

1) the name of the invention you have chosen

2) justification for your vote (30 words minimum)

3) your full name (first + last name)

If you have ANY problem posting your vote, send it directly to:

There will be no excuses for not doing the work! 

DEADLINE = Sunday 13 April 2014 at midnight!

Monday, 7 April 2014

New York City landmarks... 2nde

Here are the pictures of the famous landmarks we read more about in class.

If you went to New York City, which place would you prefer going to? Why?

Don't forget to follow this structure in your answer. :)

 The Chrysler Building

 The Flatiron

 The Guggenheim Museum

 Times Square

The United Nations Headquarters

Media Moguls then and now - 503

Homework for Tuesday 29 April

Watch these two videos about MEDIA MOGULS THEN AND NOW.
Take notes about the contents of the two documents.
Be ready to recap and compare the two people mentioned.

Of course, you can (and must!) listen to the documents as many times as you need to get the general information.
Don't hesitate to go in a dictionary for vocabulary.

1) William Randolph Hearst


2) Tavi Gevinson


Friday, 28 March 2014

Banksy - A guided tour

You have been hired by the city of London as a tour guide for the summer. Your itinerary takes you into the Wood Green neighbourhood past this wall:

As a street art and Banksy fan, you have decided to explain what has happened here in your commentary. Be ready to present the stolen artwork, the story, the artist and his goal to the tourists.

Below is the picture of the original artwork and a few pieces of information and questions to help you. Pay attention to the tenses or structures you will use. 

Title: Slave Labour (Bunting Boy)

Date: May 2012
Place: Wood Green neighbourhood – London
Artist: Banksy (Bristol – UK) 

YOUR JOB: Answer the questions in a comment below to present the artwork. 
Organise your comment however you like. Pay attention to the tenses you will use.
DEADLINE: Tuesday 8 April 2014

What has happened to the wall (picture 1)?

What was there before (picture 2)?

What is the history behind the artwork? (What happened to it?)

What message did the artist want to convey?

What has it been replaced by now (picture 1)?

Do not forget to sign with your name!