Monday, 17 October 2016

701-- Off The Beaten Tracks -- Before You Pay to Volunteer...

Term / Before You Pay to Volunteer . . . recap

1) What is voluntourism ? It is a form of tourism in which travellers do voluntary work, dedicate some of their time to helping communities or the environment in the places they are visiting.
3) § 3 presents the different consequences of voluntourism : it prevents local workers from getting jobs, institutions waste money on upgrading facilities (instead of seeing to the needs of its population). What's more abused and abandoned children in orphanages, who have formed emotional attachments to the visitors feel more traumatized when volunteers go back home.
Some other newspapers have underlined that voluntourism leads to more abandonment and more child abuse.
4) So according to the journalist (§ 5) gappers and tourists should be more careful . They should travel, and spend their money in developing country. What's more we could make other suggestions to them. If they really want to take action they should do it at home in their own country where their help will be welcomed.
5) How different and similar is this text from Tourism or Voyeurism and Away from Home ?
Like the other two texts , this press article deals with travelling differently. Like Tourism or Voyeurism it underlines the negative aspects too. However it insists more on the dangers and risks of volunteering in developing countries than the previous document.

507 -- How to Become President of the USA - Homework for Monday November 7th 2016

Dear students . 
Find out why  the donkey is the symbol of the Democrats and the elephant that of the Republicans. 
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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

702 Term L – "The Street Art Controversy" Homework for Thursday 3rd November

Look at all the pictures above.
Choose the one you like best / you most agree with.
Justify your choice in about 70 words.
Your comment must be structured and use vocabulary from the Toolbox + expressions of GOAL + present perfect + link words + expressions of OPINION
You can use examples from the lesson to illustrate your opinion.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Sunday, 9 October 2016

704 - British Muslim or Muslim living in Britain?

Watch this sketch by stand-up comedian Imran Yusuf. 

QUESTION: What is Imran Yusuf's main message?


If the video does not work when you click on it, go directly to YouTube to watch the full extract. Follow this link (or copy-paste it):

When you have watched the video, check your understanding by reading the script below:

Yes Edinburgh! Hello, my name is Imran Yusuf. I’m having a fantastic festival, man! People are coming up to me after my show and asking me questions because I’m interesting… ladies!

People say to me: “Hey, Imran Yusuf! Are you one of these British Muslims, yeah, or are you one of these Muslims living in Britain?” That’s something I’ve really thought about, ok? Now, I don’t care what you call yourself: white, black, Chinese, Martian… Doesn’t matter! The only thing that defines you in your life is how you choose to behave. Carry on like a bell-end, no one will like you! I don’t care what the colour of your skin is or what religion you believe in, but if you talk inside the cinema, you can go to hell! Right? See, that’s the way it should work! You’re polite and you have manners, people will love you.

So, when people ask me “am I a British Muslim or a Muslim living in Britain?”, this is how I answer. And this is a true story. This actually happened to me back home in London. I was on the Tube train and it was packed full of people. And I look over and I see this woman get up to leave. Now, I’m standing next to the doors so I can get off easily. And she’s coming towards me. And as she starts squeezing through the carriage, really slowly, she gets to where I am and she puts her handbag on. And as her handbag comes on like this, her elbow came up like that and straight into my eye. And I… apologised! “I’m sorry, I seem to have assaulted your elbow with my eyeball.” It doesn’t get any more British than that! … Then I blew up the train!!!

Affiliation, identity means so much to people nowadays. Give me a cheer if you’re proud to be British. Not everybody, but hey… This kind of made me think, right, what does it mean to be proud to be British? Is it something to do with your ethnicity, right? Or how many generations your family’s been here? I think you know you’re proud to be British when this happens to you…

You’d be at home or you’d be at work and you install a new software programme on your computer. And when you do, that little dialogue box appears in it and says “Select preferred language”. And the default is always “English (US)”. And you just look at it and go “No no no…” That’s when you know you’re proud to be British. That’s it for me, guys, my name’s Imran Yusuf! Peace out! God bless!