Monday, 4 December 2017

707 - Homework for Friday 8 December

Watch this video as many times as you need and take notes of everything you understand. (Don't pay too much attention to the male and female journalists as they speak really fast. Focus on what Dr James Kingsland and Debbie Hicks say.)

Be ready to explain (among others):
   - topic (what is it about?)
   - place (where does it take place?)
   - people (who does it concern? what is a GP?)
   - date (when was it broadcast?)
   - context (why is it interesting?)

Write a few sentences explaining what this video encourages / prompts / pushes (etc.) people to do and why.

Of course, go in a dictionary if you need:

If the video does not work here, you can watch it directly on the BBC website at 

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