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707 - Oprah Winfrey's Note to Self

Watch the video again with the script.

Oprah Winfrey’s Note To Self (CBS, 1 January 2013 / from April 2012)

Male host : This morning on this New Year’s Day, we’re looking back at some of our favourite stories of 2012.
Female host : And one of our favourite guests was, well, one of my favourite people. Oprah Winfrey was here last April to take part in our « Note to Self » series where people give advice to their younger self. Here’s a look.

Oprah Winfrey :
Dear beautiful brown-skinned girl,
And I use the word « beautiful » because I know that’s never a word you would call yourself. I look into your eyes and see the light and hope of myself. In this photo, you are just about to turn 20, posing outside the television station where you were recently hired as a reporter. You look calm. You look happy. But I know how scared you are. If I could say anything to you, it would be : « Relax. It’s going to be ok, girl. »
You’re proud of yourself for getting this job, but also uncertain, uncertain that you’ll be able to manage all your college classes and work a full day’s job doing the news. Even so, your biggest concern right now : how to manage your love life with Baba. Yes, you are dating someone named Baba.
On this day, you’ve brought him to the station to see where you work hoping he’ll be proud. He seems less that impressed. The truth is : he’s intimidated. You don’t know this though because you see yourself only through his eyes, a lesson you will have to learn again and again and again to see yourself with your own eyes and to love yourself to your own heart.
You spent too many days and years trying to please other people and be what they wanted you to be. I understand how and why that happened now. You will have to learn that the wounds of your past – being raped at 9, molested from the time you were 10 to 14, getting whipped as a young girl by people who said they loved you because you stepped out of place and not even being allowed to show any anger or crying afterwards – that damaged your self-esteem, if only now you knew how much. Yet through it all, you managed to hold on to a belief in God and, even more importantly, God’s belief in you. That, my dear, would be your single greatest gift : knowing that there is a power greater than yourself and trusting that force to guide you.
From where I sit now, viewing your journey, there really are very few regrets. That means a life well lived. Even then, you understood that success was a process and that moving with the flow of life and not against it would be your greatest achievement. You have made me proud.

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